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Content of this page is kept as legacy and is out of date

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PLEASE NOTE: Do not use GetRight/DA/NetAnts/WebDownloader
or any similar multiple segments downloading tool on our website.
Those are prevented from downloading.
Your IP might even get BANNED.
Instead you would prefer Wget... Thank you!

Useful Files
If you have any other distribution except Debian, this archive contains what you need for rbootd server.
Here is an old alternate framebuffer logo for PA/Linux. You have to copy this file in 'linux/include/linux'.
If you want to see the result, click here.
Many thanks to Kenneth Westelinck for his update so that the logo works with recent kernels!
This is the script Thibaut wrote to build the netinst ISO and lifimage.
It is assumed that the building host is properly configured.
This script takes only care of building the files, no update or check out is performed.
Version 1.0.1

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