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04 Oct 2009:Along with support to the GCC people, we're now proud to provide facilities for the FATE FFMpeg test infrastructure!
04 Mar 2009:Pateam is not dead! Thibaut is back @ESIEE, working on the projects again. Recently, the GCC people have gained access to ia64 and hppa machines through FSF Compile Farm.
28 Jul 2008:Scheduled downtime As a follow up to the previous blackout, there will be another one on August 20th; which is expected to last about the day (but could arguably be longer). Please be patient ;)
16 Jun 2008:Scheduled downtime: the webservers and other ESIEE-hosted machines will be down on June 28th from 6AM to sometime noon (CEST) for the annual electrical check-up.
16 Nov 2007:Scheduled downtime: the hosted websites will be offline for a couple hours starting November 29, 2007 around 11:30 CET
05 Jul 2007:Scheduled downtime: the websites (pateam.org, wiki and french www mirror) will be offline from Fri 6, 17:00 CEST to Tue 10, 8:00 CEST (worst case) due to electrical work on the hosting site.
09 Apr 2007:Debian 4.0 aka Etch has been released yesterday!! Of course, the HPPA architecture is part of it! Enjoy...
31 Jan 2007:Extreme Networks has been kindly providing us with the software patches, many thanks to them!
26 Dec 2006:We switched our network infrastructure from Extreme Networks to HP gear, as Extreme Networks wouldn't provide us with firmware upgrades (we had firmware crashes on our switches). HP at least provides its updates for free :)
30 Jul 2006:Thibaut is back from OLS. See his photos here!
23 Jun 2006:Scheduled Downtime: Hosted websites will be down on July 1st for the annual power checkup at ESIEE.
05 May 2006:More bits from Thibaut: an update to PdcChassis which now supports all machines; as well as new features added to PdcStableStorage: displays diagnostic and can read/write OS-dependent data!
12 Jan 2006:A major update to PDC Stable Storage driver has been committed by Thibaut: v0.22 presents a coherent SYS-FS interface to the Stable Storage content (most of it being world readable), supports AutoBoot/AutoSearch toggle, and is now SMP safe!
25 Jun 2005:Support for the AD1889 sound chip (found on some CXXXX/JXXXX/BXXXX) has been achieved!
06 Jun 2005:Debian Sarge is out! Of course, it supports PA-RISC. Enjoy!
23 Mar 2005:There it is! The brand new (yet rather empty) Ubuntu HPPA Unofficial Website!
The port is going well, and we expect to improve it quickly, enjoy!
01 Mar 2005:Thibaut has started to work together with LaMont Jones on porting Ubuntu to hppa. More to come soon, stay tuned!
26 Jan 2005:Thibaut strikes back. After having done the "read-only" version of the PDC Stable Storage access driver, he has committed the first bits to support changing the various Boot Paths (such as Primary/Alternative boot device, Console/Keyboard paths...). Enjoy!
23 Jan 2005:There has been an unexpected power outtage here at school and several boxes had some recovery troubles. Especially the box hosting our MySQL database, which HD died. Therefore we have lost all news entries since Jul 9th, 2004 :-(
As a consequence, we have moved the MySQL db onto the webserver.
We are trying to 'revive' some of the news and tasks by recalling what happened and when, but it will certainly be a rather imprecise work :-P
09 Jul 2004:Scheduled Downtime: The website will be unavailable from Jul 10, 2004 07:00 CEST to Jul 10, 2004 16:00 CEST due to the annual power system checkup at ESIEE.
01 Jun 2004:The buffer overflow bug in Harmony OSS driver has finally been fixed, kudos to Stuart Brady! Harmony now works flawlessly!
03 Dec 2003:YAY! We have our cluster running! See there. Many thanks to Grant Grundler for supplying the hardware, and Carlos O'Donell for his precious help in setting the beast up!
28 Nov 2003:IMPORTANT! All 2.4.22 netinst ISOs were buggy (unable to complete the install, stalled on dpkg package) and have been removed.
Lifimages aren't affected by the bug and can be safely used.
Sorry for the trouble, we're working on a fix.
05 Sep 2003:OLS 2003 photos available! More to come!
22 Jul 2003:The OLS 2003 has begun, Thomas and Thibaut have joined the party!
20 Jun 2003:Yay! Laurent and Thibaut strike back! See the KGDB Port Page, they achieved a first working patch for KGDB on PA-RISC!
10 May 2003:You might have noticed some trouble in reaching the site lately. Just blame it on our new ISP, which put the 'r' out of 'service'.
11 Apr 2003:We finally got our L1000 working SMP (2way)!! Check the parisc in use page, its name's gropaf (don't ask :)
04 Apr 2003:Downtime: Unfortunately we will have another downtime starting on April 06 at 6:00 CEST, because of electrical problems at school. We hope it not to last too long.
28 Mar 2003:Scheduled downtime: There will be an outtage between 03/31 12:00 CET and 04/01 12:00 CET. We are switching ISPs.
22 Mar 2003:-pa32 netinst/lifimage are available, they contain the fix for ptrace/kmod exploit. See download section.
12 Jan 2003:The Realisation page has been updated and is now reflecting the state of the boxes in realtime! Enjoy ;)
01 Jan 2003:Happy new year!
25 Dec 2002:Merry Xmas!
15 Dec 2002:New pictures added, see images section. More to come soon...
13 Dec 2002:We had power problems again yesterday night. Our webserver has been moved to the main computer center this morning, so we should now experience greater uptime ;)
Sorry for the trouble.
29 Nov 2002:The new keyboard/driver for linux-2.5 (using Input Layer) is available, thanks to Laurent and Thibaut's work. Enjoy !
06 Nov 2002:The ppc-darwin cross compilers contained a bug and have been updated.
23 Oct 2002:Scheduled Downtime: Please note that there will be a downtime on Monday, the 28th of October. This downtime should last all day. We are replacing our main router. Thanks you for your understanding.
09 Oct 2002:PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO v1.0 released ! Download it now !
05 Oct 2002:New 32/64bit cross-compilers arrived ! Check Download Section and enjoy !
04 Oct 2002:The 2.4.19-pa21-PDC netinst/lifimage is out!
It features the brand new support for GSP Logs and LED Panel (Run/Attn/Fault), thanks to Laurent and Thibaut's efforts :o) Enjoy and send feedback !
22 Sep 2002:Since 2.4.19-pa19, default kernel config uses SYM2 SCSI driver instead of SYM1, avoiding an outstanding bug that occured on some boxes (like B2600). Therefore, netinsts feature this new driver since then.
 Thanks to Robin Kearney and the people of Another.com, we got a huge L1000-44 to work on !
Many thanks to them, and to all guys that have helped and still help our effort !
19 Sep 2002:A new member has arrived: welcome to Laurent Canet, our new teammate hacker !
16 Sep 2002:Thibaut has released some brand new 32bit C-cross-compilers (ppc-linux, sparc-solaris, ppc-darwin). More to come soon, and 64bit versions are worked on.
Check the Download Section. As usual, feedback would be appreciated :) Enjoy !
14 Sep 2002:2.4.19-pa16 iso/lifimage is out. It features the right kernel this time, with the latest patch for IRQ dispatching.
See this mail for details.
13 Sep 2002:Thanks to Kenneth Westelinck, a newer version (working with recent kernels) of our linux_logo.h is available.
Check the Download Section!
12 Sep 2002:IMPORTANT: due to a scripting problem, all 2.4.19 ISOs/lifimages released before today contains 2.4.18 kernel.
We're very sorry (especially Thibaut ;o) for the trouble, and we'll take care that won't happen again.
Thank you for your understanding.
04 Sep 2002:Since 2.4.19-pa10, default kernel supports USB for both 32 and 64bit, and STI console and STI framebuffer in 64bit.
03 Aug 2002:2.4.19 has been successfuly merged. Therefore, the 2.4.19-paXX tree has been started on PARISC-Linux CVS.
29 Jul 2002:We now have a linux-2.5 tree available on PARISC-Linux CVS and it has reached the point of booting in very restricted conditions ;)
We're still at a stage where we are "happy if it crashes when trying to init" !
15 Jul 2002:Thibaut is actually working on a big update of the Supported Hardware List, and he needs your help !
See this mail for details.
A testimonial section is also planned. So testimonials are welcome too (like: "I run J5000 with linux-2.4.18-paXX SMP 64bit, as a web/ftp server on a 10Mbit link, with apache,proftpd, got big uptimes (200 days), average 2000 connections a day", or any info that would demonstrate the efficiency of hppa-linux.)
You can mail puffin@esiee.fr if you want to provide information. Thanks a lot for your support !
04 Jul 2002:The *-USBSTI64-* netinst and lifimage are available. We used them to install a B2000 and a J5000. Their extra features are STI_CONSOLE, stifb support on 64bit kernel, and USB support inside the kernel. We have noticed that there are some problems with the USB keyboard (key between the main part of the kbd and the numpad aren't working properly).
03 Jul 2002:We feel a bit like californians over here : as you may have noticed, we are experiencing recurrent power outages this week. To avoid any further problems, the webserver will be shut down tonight at 8:00PM CEST and *may* be restarted tomorrow morning around 9:00 AM CEST. Please apologize for the inconvenience and for any other unexpected downtime.
We will keep you informed.
01 Jul 2002:The maintenance operation is over, we hope there won't be anymore trouble.
 Well, it seems that we spoke a bit too fast. A huge unexpected power failure has affected our school Sunday evening, and the site was unreacheable from Sunday 30, 19:30 CEST to Monday 31, 00:40 CEST.
As the hardware suffered from this outage, there will be another downtime Monday morning CEST to replace the damaged parts, it should last about 15mn.
All apologies for the trouble. We hope to get back to normal ASAP.
29 Jun 2002:Well, it looks like the power cut last far less than expected. We're back online since 10:07 CEST. Enjoy !
27 Jun 2002:After several months without them, dharma and greg systems stats are back online, with more info than before, and even with bedroom's ones. Enjoy !
22 Jun 2002:Scheduled downtime:
There will be a downtime on Saturday June 29, 2002, because of the annual general power cut in our school. This should last at least all the day, CEST, and maybe the whole week-end.
Another - shorter - downtime is also scheduled somewhere between the end of June and the start of July, for replacing our school's main router.
We'll post a news as soon as the date will be decided.
16 Jun 2002:Thibaut has released his script for building netinst ISO and lifimage.
See the download section for details.
15 Jun 2002:Well, all appologies, the -pa36 are featuring latest mods from Richard Hirst, but are not PDC Console enabled in the kernel.
The default debian .config has to be tweaked to do so, therefore all netinsts and lifimages with PDC Console support will be tagged -PDC- in their name.
The next -pa37 will be so. Please report any problem or success !
 The -pa36 netinst and lifimage are available, featuring Richard's latest b-f and makedev mods, which now allow PDC console at boot.
See this mail for details.
All netinst and lifimage that will be built from now will also be PDC enabled.
These are still UNTESTED. Feedback would be greatly appreciated !
01 Jun 2002:-pa32 and -pa32 with PDC Console support ISOs are available here, and the corresponding lifimages are available here.
PDC hasn't been tested AT ALL; so feedback would be appreciated !
All new ISOs will be released in these place now!
30 May 2002:-pa31 ISO is available!
26 May 2002:A new ISO from Thibaut is available, with the -pa26 kernel.
It is expected to boot PA8700 boxes, but it is STILL AN UNTESTED ISO!.
25 May 2002:Thanks to the help of Richard Hirst, Thibaut has built a new netinstall ISO based on Woody pre-release.
You can go to the download section to get a copy of it.
Mind it is an UNTESTED ISO, be sure to know what you do!
Anyway, enjoy it !
 New photos have been added (mostly hardware shots).
More to come soon, with exclusive picts of a RX4610 :o)
24 May 2002:Our school network upgrade is now completed successfully for the first part, we're back online since 2:00 CEST.
We expect another outage by the end of June.
23 May 2002:We will have a network outage from 14:00 CEST till Friday 24 8:00 CEST, or so we hope. We apologize for the trouble.
14 May 2002:The new hwdb is online. Enjoy !
01 May 2002:Our Parisc-Linux.org mirror is online !! We're about to merge content though ! Stay tuned and enjoy ;o)
17 Apr 2002:At last, we have solved all our networking problems, and have brought you a brand new design refresh on the website. Enjoy !
12 Apr 2002:The site has been quite slow lately because of a modification of the network scheme of our machines. Sorry for the annoyance, should be finished by 12-04-2002 17:00 CEST in the worse case.
10 Apr 2002:Major update on our Hardware List. Please mail us if you have more info on specific hardware.
28 Mar 2002:We have received an E35, and have started to work on it on our spare time, so to speak ;o)
06 Mar 2002:Added a page concerning our realisations !
01 Mar 2002:The site is now back online on the B132. Please notify any error to The PA/Linux ESIEE Team. Thank you.
 We're about to move the website from Thibaut's machine to the dedicated B132.
Please apologize for the short service interruption that will occure in a few minutes. Thank you.
25 Feb 2002:Well, we must apologize: the site was unreachable since 2002-02-20 because of a powerfail, and because of the fact that the machine admin (Thibaut) was in holiday...
We have great trouble with AC here !! Sorry again !
15 Feb 2002:Work In Progress section has been updated !
 Thanks to Thibaut's work, the website is now mostly validating HTML 4.01 compliance. Enjoy !
08 Feb 2002:16:33 CET. We expect troubles to be part of the past. Now you might take advantage of our 24/7 uptime ;o)
 Due to a short power outage, the site was unreachable between 15:30 and 15:45 CET. We are currently trying to solve the problem AFAP.
Please apologize if the site is a bit flapping...
02 Feb 2002:According to this mail, Helge Deller found a solution for HIL keyboard on X11.
28 Jan 2002:For those who ever wanted to see what's inside an A500, check the photos!
 New pictures added. More to come soon. Enjoy !
24 Jan 2002:Due to an incredible amount of technical pain (hard drives crashes, network failure...) we have to host temporarily the website on Thibaut's machine (the G4).
We hope to get back to normal ASAP. Please apologize for the trouble °-)
15 Jan 2002:The new version of PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO has been released! Please any feedback is appreciated.
01 Jan 2002:Happy New Year !
25 Dec 2001:Merry Christmas ;o)
21 Dec 2001:We have accomplished the migration of our MySQL database from a x86 to a 712/100 running PA/Linux-0.9.3. Pray for us that it will handle our web traffic ;o) 
18 Dec 2001:Design review on our download page, and update of the Hardware Support List.
 The webcam is back online ! It's still in beta test, so the view point might be changing from time to time :)
 Clement and Thibaut, yet another parisc hacker, built a cross compiler on MacOS X. They successfully cross-compiled kernel 2.4.16-pa20 for B132.
Enjoy our ready-to-use archive.
17 Dec 2001:0.9.3 was appreciated if you look at our statistics.
We also updated the list of runnig PA/Linux boxes.
12 Dec 2001:PA/Linux 0.9.3 is out! Enjoy Linux.
06 Dec 2001:Our download page has been reviewed
Now, you have access to our cd-images repository and the testing ISO too.
30 Nov 2001:Paul Bame merged with 2.4.16! Some great patches have been committed. Try the CVS.
25 Nov 2001:The latest update of the list of HP hardware running Linux is out!
Please check if it is ok for your box.
13 Nov 2001:Our B132 booted 2.4.14-pa0 since Thomas Bogendörfer posted his patch. Thanks Thomas!
10 Nov 2001:The CVS of PA-RISC/Linux has merged with 2.4.14 according to Bame's mail.
09 Nov 2001:The PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO is now available at LinuxDoc.org!
08 Nov 2001:The new Randolph's release of debs are ok. For more info, look at Alan Modra 's mail.
05 Nov 2001:Randolph Chung released some new libc packages at gluck.debian.org.
They solved our troubles here. Please try them :-)
26 Oct 2001:Today, the CVS of parisc-linux has changed to cvs.parisc-linux.org. Paul Bame said everything about this change here.
22 Oct 2001:Our mrtg scripts have been upgraded, and the informations should be relevant now.
 Due to decreasing hard disk space, the 0.6.1 have been removed from our server. Anyway, they were old ones, so it shouldn't be to annoying.
17 Oct 2001:Here, you can find some photos of our B132 and the background is available.
 WARNING The official ftp site has moved to http://ftp.parisc-linux.org
Be careful the structure is slightly different than before.
Our links have been updated. Please report if not.
Soon, CVS will move, too.
12 Oct 2001:Our status list has been heavily updated. Please, could you check if our list are compatible with your results.
09 Oct 2001:Randolph Chung adds the control of the LED/LCD display via the /proc fs.
04 Oct 2001:Thanks to all the work of PA/Linux users and developers, our 720 is up and running!
29 Sep 2001:Today, the hppa Debian page is translated into French.
US version and FR version
26 Sep 2001:We released a new version of PA-RISC-Linux HOWTO! Please read it!
08 Sep 2001:Matthew Taggart released a new cross compiler available here
06 Aug 2001:According to Anthony Towns, PA/Linux will be in WOODY release!
 We added a Documentation section! Any comment is welcome.
20 Jul 2001:In the download section, you can get the 0.9.2 ISOs.
17 Jul 2001:The slides of our Debian One conference are on-line.
12 Jul 2001:The site is back to full operation, with a dual 712 system (dharma and greg) codenamed sitcom.
04 Jul 2001:Finally, we released the 0.9.1 ISO. There is a big improvment since 0.9. Try it!
02 Jul 2001:The ESIEE Team is at the Libre Software Meeting for the week.
28 Jun 2001:Due to Helge Deller's changes, gpm is working on STI console too.
16 Jun 2001:Matthew Wilcox released the new version libc6!
It seems it is working, we recompile ircII and other stuff to test it!
Go to the Download page
15 Jun 2001:The latest kernel built is available under the name of vmlinux_712_STI+sound+mouse
Now, the kernels are archived with their own System.map!
 There is a new linux_logo available for the framebuffer under PA/Linux.
14 Jun 2001:The virtual terminals work with the latest source of the kernel!
Uncomment the adequate lines!
12 Jun 2001:A new patch for RS232 on Dino is available. Please try it and make comments !
 The latest mouse patch is out.
Thanks to Matthieu and Willy for the changes.
09 Jun 2001:The official result of ESIEE Team mirror are on line!
07 Jun 2001:A detailed list of hardware supported by 0.9 iso is available!
 Our PALO manual is finally written!
31 May 2001:The official 0.9 release is out!
You can find the iso in our download section too!
28 May 2001:The latest version of Lynx is available!
23 May 2001:Test your file system with the official plt-checker!
It seems that it tells you when you have some buggy deb packages installed!
22 May 2001:MRTG is now up and running on the A500.
21 May 2001:The web site statistics produced by webalizer are now available. Check them out !
 The news are now php-powered :)
18 May 2001:Webalizer has been packaged for our website and many others applications! See at the DL section
17 May 2001:Our A500 server runs Apache with the PHP 4.0.5 module !
 Minicom is available!
16 May 2001:The "binutils" quest ended with 7.1 is a bad release!
11 May 2001:A new version of sys-install is ready! It takes care of the console and terminal output.
 The PS2 mouse finally works with the new stifb code of Helge Deller
09 May 2001:Our last kernels have been cooked! Downloadable here
08 May 2001:Our 712 has just finished the SETI block! Here is the result
03 May 2001:Alan Meyer from HP Fort Collins says that we have a GO for a first release
02 May 2001:The last result for SETI@home is available
27 Apr 2001:715 file system is released! A script gives you a simple way to see Linux on a HP box
 The first result of A500 shows a spirit of perfection in the floating point calcul!
26 Apr 2001:Official announcement from SETI guys of the hppa client
24 Apr 2001:The webcam is back
 Matthew Wilcox succeeded in building the glibc 2.2.3
19 Apr 2001:The final versions of our isos are ready
 Joe editor has been packaged
12 Apr 2001:A release of Beta iso is made!
05 Apr 2001:Matt Taggart released a new tarball
 ESIEE Team has finished its exams!
 New member of ESIEE Team made a printer work on B-132! Soon more news!
22 Mar 2001:Puffins at Kart racing! Sorry. The result is available here
21 Mar 2001:The last file system for 712 is ready! Look at Download Section
20 Mar 2001:Strace has been packaged from Richard Hirst version
15 Mar 2001:Our 712s are upgraded with these debs
 The new gcc has been packaged by Matt Taggart
 LSB-FHS is running on mkhppa3
12 Mar 2001:The web server has a new kernel!
 The most recent kernel for PA8x00 is ready!
09 Mar 2001:The A500 really boots with SMP
 The result of the first SETI block calculated are available.
05 Mar 2001:Another guy is working with us now! Porting SETI@home client: The 32-bit version seems to work
 The A500 is here until the 5th April! (Thank you Luis and Bruno :^) )
28 Feb 2001:The Harmony driver patch is committed

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